Anja Schori Anja Schori

Untitled (Silicone 2), 2014
Silicone, color pigment, chrome bar, dimension variable, in collaboration with Stephanie Hess

Exhibition view RAUM № 16, Berne, CH
Anja Schori Anja Schori Anja Schori Anja Schori

Exhibition view POSITION 4, 2013, Bob Gysin Galerie, Zürich, CH

Anja Schori

Gottheit, 2014, Objet trouvé, 40cm x 31cm

Anja Schori Anja Schori

Curry Powder in the Sea Breeze, 2013
Silkscreen print on Holoprism metalized paper mounted on plywood, wood, A4 paper

230cm x 300cm x 80cm

4 km of Sand. Rotten fruits. Screaming children, courting couples and rowdy adolescents. Five-star poolside privacy. Stranded freighter. Lusty actress and sweating lenses. Flogging sun on white forehead. Crumbling scenery. Washed up sandals. Crunchy sand in the Cosmopolitan. Silk in the sunset. Decaying branches. Curry powder in the sea breeze. Crazy Dadar. Wet saris. Fast rising stars on the thin coast-line. Deliquescent paradise. Shiny expectations. Crowded calm.

Exhibition view Swiss Art Award, Art Basel, CH
Anja Schori

Shanghai rises, 2012
Laser prints, Plexiglas, 300cm x 130cm x 250cm

Exhibition view Nofound Photo Fair, Paris
Anja Schori

Erasmusbridge 1/2/3/4, Composition 3/2/1/4", 2013
Offset prints / 34cm x 46 cm, 135g Offset paper
9cm x 84cm x 500cm

Exhibition view Aeschlimann + Corti stipendium, Centre Pasquart Biel, CH
Anja Schori Anja Schori

Papercomposition black/white, 2012
Offset prints / 80gr A4 Offset paper, 72cm x 52cm x 60cm

Exhibition view Galerie Milieu Berne, CH